Pre Engineered Metal Buildings

Metal buildings can provide advantages in terms of cost and schedule time for many projects. Incorporating pre-engineered metal buildings into a design-build project contributes to a fast track schedule and enhances the project cost control process.

Advanced Building Corporation has over 25 years of experience in the pre-engineered metal building industry and has a superior understanding of the requirements a manufacturer must meet to serve our clients. First and foremost we demand the following:

  • Versatile building solutions that maximize efficiencies in time, money and design
  • Integrity in the order and delivery process
  • Quality control in the manufacturing process
  • Building delivery schedule that meets the project schedule
  • Competitive pricing
  • We are a Vacro Pruden Dealer and have the backing of their experiences and resources in creating building solutions
  • Staying power to stand behind our products
  • We offer complete design and general contracting for all work associated with a pre engineered metal building project