Over the years Advanced Building Corporation (ABC) has built and renovated dozens of assisted living communities, senior care and rehabilitation centers,  retirement villages and multi-family complexes.  As we’re preparing the initial plans, working with architects, and completing each phase of construction, we’re considering the people who will live and work in these buildings, as well as those will visit: the residents, their family members and the facility’s staff.

As a leader in senior living and multi-family construction, we’ve built a solid reputation by providing all these end users with consistently well-designed, well-built, safe and efficient facilities.

We focus on the unique needs of those who call our buildings home, and the daily challenges they may face with mobility, communication, even opening and closing doors. So, we include safety and convenience features that make life easier for elderly and/or physically disabled residents. In short, we build and renovate facilities as if our own family member are going to move in.